4Glob - Mobile Internet Data Tracker App Reviews

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Very useful.

Is there a way to get app to start from my billing cycle date rather then the beginning of the calendar month??? Add this feature to get 5 stars!

Very good - missing billing cycle start date

This is a great app with a wonderful user interface that is missing 1 critical feature. It tracks the monthly data usage and a calendar month cycle. It doesnt let you define the start/end of your billing cycle. Please end in this necessary feature. Monthly limits and tracking dont apply if the start/end dates are wrong for my billing cycle. Once this feature is added it will be perfect.

Works like a charm

Very accurate (tried another similar product not as accurate), with usage history, and now with custom start day of billing it is perfect!

Work like a charm

It is working perfect for me, RECOMMENDED

First glance

I installed the app a few minutes ago. Interfaces good ergonomy. Pros Slick and simple while presenting useful info. Cons Touch gestures should be used to drill down. Cell infos lacking. Overall Until now Im pleased and plan to use the app (seems that I made the right choice).


Great but needs to have a limit maker so I dont go over but amaZing job

Cool app

Please add each App-traffic tracking. Thx

Good for data usage track, but...

...there should be option for roaming plans, or multiple plans anyway: as for time limited data plan offers, etc. One fixed plan only is rather limited. Otherwise: useful, easy and nice!


The interface looks fantastic and the app is extremely easy to use. Helps me keep track of my data usage and it does it well. Much better than the default one in the settings that I never remember to reset.

Beautiful layout

The app presents usage data in a beautiful way - best I have seen. However, the purple location Icon is always indicated in the status bar, even when the app is closed. Location services shows this to be 4glob. I wonder how this will affect battery life. Also, since the icon will always be there it makes the icon worthless in terms of indicating if other apps are using the GPS. I dont like that. Giving it only 3 stars because of this.

Nice app

Liked ability to see locations on map


No way to select a start date for the billing cycle?? Really?!?

Good but..

The app design is very good but you should implement the possibility of changing the billing period!

Could be better

With the inability to set your own month start date (for instance, my bill begins on the 17th of the month, mid month) this app thinks that I start on the 1st of every month.

Input date of billing cycle

I cant believe there is no way to input the day of your billing cycle start date? Most people are on random start dates unless you physically activated your iPhone on the 1st of the month. Would have been 5 stars otherwise.

umm let me select my own start date

for the bliing cycle...and you get 5 stars

Not too good

With out being able to select starting date its impossible to use because the data its not accurate

Could be great... BUT...

There is no way in the application to setup your actual billing cycle, it goes by the calendar month. :- My billing cycle starts on the 20th of the month. this needscfixed before this app. will be useful.

Cant set start date! - now you can w the update !!!

What an awesome app, BUT you cant set the start date like others have pointed out. What could be a 5 star app is pretty much useless until its fixed... They fixed it with the update! From 2 to 5 stars! Thanks developers for listening.


As far as I can tell this app is not distinguishing between wifi data and 4G data, making it essentially useless. E.g. Today it shows me as having used 280MB which I know was wifi.

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